Week 7- Can educators use digital games in the classroom lesson plans?

I can almost hear my grandparents, and parents laughing………. “what did you just suggest?

How do games help students learn?
How do games help students learn?

Our generations have changed dramatically when comparing tools used to assist learning in the classroom.  A teacher who may have focused on recalling facts from text based learning, are now incorporating digital games into learning strategies which are, wait for it……………… actually helping our future generation learn! Along with many ( one can only presume ) experienced teachers Jordon Shapiro  (2014) identifies computer games as a good teaching method. Uses include promoting discussions among students when trying to gain access to higher levels. Children growing up in the digital world are surrounded by new technology and are digital natives already (Howell, 2012).  Teachers are building on the knowledge students already have to create new learning experiences needed throughout their life long journey.  This week i was given the opportunity to try sploder. I was able to make my own sploder game and found this site to be a pleasurable experience. To use this in the classroom would indeed encourage students to communicate among small groups, creating exposure to collaborating skills.  Skills which are interpreted as working within a team, effective criticism and constructive feedback in the adult world these students are facing ahead of them.


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